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Circular Concrete Center is your partner in using circular concrete

We are making the construction industry aware of the benefits of circular concrete, offering tailored advice to concrete producers and processors, and raising awareness of the use of circular concrete among building owners, governments, contractors, architects, engineering firms and the end user.
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Why circular concrete?

With circular concrete, we dramatically reduce the ecological footprint of concrete. How? By using recycled granulates instead of primary granulates, alternative binders and fillers.

These concrete compositions can be broken down at the end of their useful life and reused as granulates in fresh concrete. This creates a circular matter.


An open research centre

The Circular Concrete Center is the point of contact for construction professionals seeking information and advice on circular concrete mixtures, applications and suppliers.

Companies wishing to have their concrete mixtures tested for accreditation can use our test lab in Veurne.

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See projects in your area

Find out in which projects circular concrete has been used, who the parties involved were and what they engaged with.

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