The Concrete Circularity Center project

The Circular Concrete Centre stems from 2 projects on circular concrete from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

These projects linked together industry and knowledge institutions. That was how research, innovation and ready-to-use applications met up.

Through this project, a low-environmental-impact concrete demonstration centre is being shaped.

  • A demonstration area allows contractors and other construction actors to get a practical feel for different materials and technologies for circular concrete and the quality of the final products – an essential condition for convincing the end customer, and a basic condition for the producer to make the production process sustainable.
  • The centre is conducting research to reduce the lead time for evaluating the usability of circular concrete.

The total project cost is €1,458,250.00, of which for infrastructure & equipment, 40% is financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), 10% co-financing through the Hermes Fund and 50% from the project partners. For the research component, 40% comes from ERDF and 60% from partners.


The RecyCon research group at KU Leuven – Bruges conducts research into sustainable material cycles in construction. Recycled raw materials are often compared to the traditional raw materials commonly used in construction. A better approach when looking for adequate applications is to approach recycled raw materials as a new type of resource, with its own specific characteristics.


Buildwise's mission is to support construction professionals in improving quality, productivity and sustainability and in paving the way for innovation on sites and at construction companies.

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Groen beton vert gbv

Groen Beton Vert (GBV) is an organisation that represents the interests of companies producing concrete in an environmentally responsible manner.

From its inception, the focus of the operation has been on increasing the quality of raw materials, on the one hand, and on creating social support for the use of recycled granulates in in-situ concrete on the other.