Advice on circular concrete

Construction professionals working with circular concrete can come here with their questions about the development and application of this promising building material.
Do you have a professional question about circular concrete?

We want to offer tailored advice around low environmental impact concrete to every possible party involved in a construction project.

  • As a concrete producer or material developer, you want to optimise your innovative green concrete recipes and prepare them for practical applications.
  • As a principal, architectural firm or engineering firm, you want to include the application of circular concrete in your specifications.
  • As a contractor, you are faced specifications requiring the use of circular concrete on a particular site.
Tailored advice

The experts at our test lab will answer all possible professional questions about circular concrete:

  • for construction applications with circular concrete
  • for the specifications text around circular concrete
  • for the mixture design of circular concrete
  • for testing circular concrete

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The service from this advice desk is part of the ERDF Concrete Circularity Centre project and falls under de minimis support. After you send in your question, the value of the de minimis support will be calculated and transmitted. After that, you can decide whether to accept the guidance and a de minimis form will be prepared and signed.