The katalysator for circular concrete | a review

On Tuesday 20 June, 100 construction professionals discussed the use of innovative concrete mixes to achieve a sustainable construction industry. Location of the event: the Acasus site in Veurne, which will also be home to the new Circular Concrete Centre building and concrete lab in 2024.
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Circular Concrete Centre leads the way into the future

For two years, we worked with KU Leuven Campus Bruges, Buildwise and the non-profit organisation Groen Beton Vert on the Concrete Circularity Centre project.

Objectives of this project?

  • testing and validating innovative concrete mixtures on the ground. These are mixtures that fall outside the commonly requested standards owing to their different composition
  • providing advice to the construction and concrete professional
  • communicating widely about the potential of circular concrete and innovative concrete mixes

Two years later, the centre has been renamed the Circular Concrete Centre, there is a fully operational concrete lab and a new website has been launched. Through this website, any construction professional can find an answer to his or her question about the use of concrete, from entry-level to a request for guidance towards standardisation of an innovative concrete mix.

Thanks to Circular Concrete Center's new website, every construction professional has a point of contact for questions about the use of concrete.
Benjamin Blykers

The possibilities of circular concrete

Attendees were welcomed by Buildwise circularity authority Jeroen Vrijders, after which Prof. Dr. Ir. Hubert Rahier (VUB) explained all the possibilities for circular concrete. He did so with an eye for detail, without getting too technical.

In several videos, three construction firms testified about their experience with Circular Concrete Centre's services. Niels Hulsbosch (Buildwise) and Zeger Sierens (KU Leuven Campus Bruges) then presented the research results from the project.

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Circulair Beton terugblik10

A panel discussion featured companies within the concrete supply chain, from producers of alternative binders to contractors. A little prompting by the moderator was enough for an engaging and animated debate, with panellists eagerly picking up on each other's statements.

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A new website:

Closing the event, Benjamin Blykers (POM West Flanders) gave a short demo of the new website on circular concrete. The discussions continued after the closing remarks by Lieven Tack (POM West Flanders) during the networking reception. The walking dinner was undoubtedly the breeding ground for subsequent projects, doubling down on continued innovation.

The entire event was all about sustainability: even the reception tables were made of recycled concrete and other recovered materials.

Do you have a technical question about circular concrete?

Published on
29 Jun 2023