POM West Flanders and Province of West Flanders sign the Flemish Circular Concrete Agreement

POM West Flanders and Province of West Flanders signed the Flemish Circular Concrete Agreement together on 6 July. In doing so, both organisations are sending a powerful signal to accelerate the transition to a circular construction industry in West Flanders.
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Flemish Circular Concrete Agreement

The Flemish Circular Concrete Agreement is a pioneering initiative to transform the Flemish concrete sector into a circular and sustainable industry. The agreement seeks to reduce the environmental impact of concrete production, use raw materials more efficiently and promote concrete recycling. More than 84 contractors, concrete producers, engineering firms, federations and governments have already committed to this initiative.

Vlaams Circulair Betonakkoord ondertekening lores

Pioneering role for West Flanders

The fact that both organisations are signing this agreement is self-evident. West Flanders has been at the forefront of circular construction for years. The province and POM West Flanders invested together in Acasus, the inspiration and knowledge centre for sustainable living, building and renovation. Here, individuals as well as companies receive professional advice on energy efficiency, use of materials and sustainable and environmentally friendly construction practices.

Circular Concrete Center plays a key role

POM West Flanders had already begun collaborations between knowledge institutions and construction professionals a few years back to convince them of the added value of more sustainable alternatives to standard concrete. With partners like KU Leuven Campus Bruges, Buildwise and Groen Beton Vert, this foundation took solid shape with the arrival of Circular Concrete Centre.

Read the full press release on the POM West Flanders website

Published on
10 Jul 2023

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