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Komet phase 1
First circular concrete used at a major construction site in Belgium.
Together with HA
Minerva - fase 2
Together with HA
Blok 21-24 Nieuw Zuid
Together with HA
Recycled granulates used in all in-situ concrete components: load-bearing column and beam structure, basement slab, access ramp, etc.
Berendrecht lock
For the common access of both locks, the southern quay walls of the Zandvliet Lock were demolished and recycled, ultimately allowing about 80,000 m³ of rubble to be incorporated into the concrete to be manufactured for the new lock. This recycled concrete was applied as 'mass concrete' in certain segments of the retaining walls and at the approach to the access channel.
Kamp C
During construction, recycled concrete granulates were used for the less critical structural elements.
Center for durable construction Heusden-Zolder
During the renovation of the old mine buildings in Zolder, a number of floor sections were constructed with concrete containing mixed rubble.
Office building VMM Aalst
At the request of the principal, concrete with recycled granulates (rubble from the old St. Lieven's Hospital) was used to the extent possible.
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