The katalysator for circular concrete | a review
On Tuesday 20 June, 100 construction professionals discussed the use of innovative concrete mixes to achieve a sustainable construction industry. Location of the event: the Acasus site in Veurne, which will also be home to the new Circular Concrete Centre building and concrete lab in 2024.
POM West Flanders and Province of West Flanders sign the Flemish Circular Concrete Agreement
POM West Flanders and Province of West Flanders signed the Flemish Circular Concrete Agreement together on 6 July. In doing so, both organisations are sending a powerful signal to accelerate the transition to a circular construction industry in West Flanders.
We are making the construction industry aware of the benefits of circular concrete, offering tailored advice to concrete producers and processors, and raising awareness of the use of circular concrete among building owners, governments, contractors, architects, engineering firms and the end user.
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